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Games To Keep Kids Entertained On Road Trips - By Sandra Williams

Games To Keep Kids Entertained On Road Trips - By Sandra Williams

Nothing worse than going on a road trip and after an hour into driving you hear the first “I am bored!” “Are we there yet?” from the backseat but you still have 4 hours to go. With a little bit of planning, you can make this journey a fun and entertaining experience for the whole family. Here are some suggestions that will keep little ones entertained and engaged:


I spy from the car - magnetic game

This game comes in a little tin box and on the inside are pictures and magnetic pieces that match the pictures. If you see i.e., a traffic light on your trip you place the magnet with the traffic light onto the picture on the inside of the tin. To prevent the pieces from falling onto the floor I recommend putting the pieces onto the outside of the tin when you start the game.

You can even get a second or third game and everyone in the car can play against each other. The player that spots and matches all the pictures first, wins.




Pop it fidgets toy

You can get Pop It fidget toys in every colour and shape, with lots of bubbles to pop or only a few.

You can pop them in a certain pattern, or the kids can race each other. Use your pop it to practice counting. One player calls out a number and the other player must pop the right number of bubbles on his fidget toy.




Silicone colouring mat

Hey doodle mats are a great mess free alternative to colouring-in books. The mat comes with nine non-toxic markers and can be wiped clean with a wet wipe or cloth. Once you are done drawing you can fold the mat up and put it back into the little pouch.


Obviously, it is a bit hard to draw on a silicone mat on your lap. My tip is to get a lap tray or the IKEA drawing case, so you have a firm base to draw on. If none of these options appeal to you, try a shallow baking tray. And this leads me to my last travel toy recommendation:


Magnetic tiles

With your baking tray also pack magnetic tiles. A few of each shape so that your children can build small houses or other small structures. If you want to add a bit more fun, you can make it a challenge. A challenge could be: Build a tower without squares! or build a spaceship, flower etc. You could even pack a handful of animal figurines and cars for some small world play in the tray.

Magnetic tiles are super easy to pack up. Attach them to your baking tray and store it in your travel toy basket. Nothing gets lost and everything is ready to be played with when you get back in the car.





If the middle seat is free, then I highly recommend placing there a box or a caddy with all your travel toys and activities. That way the toys are easily accessible, and you can also add a few snacks and drink bottles for the kids. A good alternative is back seat organiser which can be attached to the seat in front of the child’s seat. Some of these even come with a foldable table.


Hopefully, these tips help to make your next trip more fun and entertaining!

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