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Bookish Play Ideas For Little Readers - By Nehinder

Bookish Play Ideas For Little Readers - By Nehinder

The glorious week to celebrate books, Australian authors and illustrators is here! We love this year's CBCA BOOK WEEK 2022 theme “Dreaming with eyes open” and are eagerly looking forward to sharing a whole range of bookish play and Craft Activities on our socials with #explorewithtt_books. Hope you are following us on Instagram/Facebook for all the inspiration. 

Fun & Learning Rolled Into One!

Whether your little reader is inspired by classic fairy tales or fantasy worlds, our Wooden Character Sets are perfect for creative play and storytelling. Use your favourite Treasure Trunk Story Sets to bring your child’s imagination to life with hours of open-ended play while exploring their much-loved story with our exclusive collection of 10 different Wooden Door character sets!

Create invitations to play with our exclusive Treasure Trunk story sets!

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Looking for more bookish play ideas?

Try these simple ideas to support children’s cognitive development, creativity, and imagination, extend playtime, and make book reading more enriching.

Explore, imagine and create: Combine story time with our range of MAGNETIC TILES to bring your little one's favourite books to life! Magnetic tiles are great for building, concentration, and play. A superb open-ended resource that nurtures creativity and imagination, it’s a must-have in every playroom.


Read, play and excite child’s senses: Combine your little readers’ books with sensory bins for a fun reading and open-ended play experience that enhances language, fine motor, math, letter identification, colours and more! Dinosaurs, jungle and farm animals, birds, bugs, trees, vehicles, ocean, air, land, nature and many, many more themes can be explored via sensory bins. Try different bins and book combos with your kids by introducing the versatile small-world play resource - SAFARI LTD TOOB – the perfect miniature toys for little hands.


For science bookworms: Connect with nature, teach and explore with children different LIFE CYCLES that are a perfect way to help little learners understand the world around them. Learn about the life cycle of flowers, insects, plants, frogs, turtles, butterflies and more. Use our Life Cycles in an educational and fun way to keep the kids engaged, inquisitive and learning through play.


Future learning success: Inspire new pretend play/dress-up ideas with our SCARVES by reading books with children and inviting them to use their imagination to create their favourite scenes, characters, worlds and adventures. 


Bold & bright: It's no secret that books inspire kids to draw and colour and crayons are a fine motor powerhouse and a much-loved resource in playrooms. Try the KITPAS range that can be used on any non-porous surface such as paper, glass, mirrors and whiteboards. Let your creative little artists draw their favourite book characters with whatever art materials they wish to use to bring it to life.


Letter recognition: Reading, spelling and writing activities just got heaps more fun! Help your child learn vocabulary related to their favourite books with our ALPHABETS & LETTERS resources. One of the first steps your child will take in learning to read is developing letter recognition and we are making it enjoyable with tons of resources to start your toddler’s pre-reading journey.


Rather than passively listening, give your kids a multi-sensory play experience to explore different stories and books. Bookish play is a fun way to read books while developing oral language, storytelling and retelling skills! Get your little bookworms much more engaged this book week and beyond with some of these play ideas and our handpicked resources. Since these toys can be used in a variety of ways your littles will come back to these again and again. Happy reading! 

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