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vertical play for kids

Developmental Benefits of Vertical Surfaces For Children

Growing up girls my age played with dolls and the kitchen set, while I enjoyed role-playing a teacher. Armed with chalk in my hand I would write all day on our house doors. Over the years my dad lost count of getting the doors repainted. As a solution and to further my interest, my parents decided to surprise me. One day when I returned from school I found a classroom size blackboard set up in my room and it made me so happy! It is one of my happiest memories from childhood.

Back then my family wasn’t informed or aware of the benefits of writing, drawing, or working on vertical surfaces in the early years of childhood. Fast forward to the present day, I now understand this concept better and know that using activities that utilise standing positions can greatly benefit growing children in many ways. When children work on vertical surfaces, it’s not only their hand that is working, but the whole body is also at work. Kneeling, leaning forward, moving left to right, or up and down helps to:

  1. Stimulate imagination and creativity
  2. Develop a better hand-eye coordination
  3. Builds core and back strength
  4. Assists with directionality and spatial awareness
  5. Promotes wrist extension and stronger pencil grasp

Ideas To Encourage Vertical Play
So, what are some fun things you can plan for your child in a vertical plane? I love these tried and tested activities that aid development. I lay these out from time to time for my pre-schooler daughter. I must say that we love vertical work in our house! We use the fence, garage door, refrigerator, walls, mirror, easel, chalkboard, etc.

Vertical Play Activities To Try At Home

  • Painting on an easel
  • Drawing on chalkboard
  • Building shapes with magnetic tiles on the garage door
  • Pulling sticky notes off the fence
  • Painting on the fence
  • Cleaning glass windows
  • Help wash the car with a sponge
  • Pulling/placing magnets on the fridge

If you’re wondering where to get started, visit Treasure Trunk website and browse through our range of resources ideal to support working on vertical surfaces. Some good options to consider are: 

  • Magnetic tiles
  • Dot markers
  • Eco paints
  • Eco crayons

If you do any vertical surface activities, do tag on Instagram. We would love to get inspired by your creative ideas!



Nehinder Takkar

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