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18 Piece Matching Puzzles


18 Piece Australian Themed Matching Puzzles

18 pieces - approx. 5.5 x 6 cm per piece

2 yrs +

These simple two piece puzzles feature beautiful vibrant images of Australian Native Fish, Australian furry animals, bugs, creepy crawlies, honeybee, SeaLife, Transport and African animals as well as their name.  They are a great introduction for young children to a variety of animals, some of which they might already be familiar with, as they can be found in or around our neighborhoods and towns.

Available in:

Australian Freshwater Native Fish - a collection of Bass, Barramundi, Eel-Tailed Catfish, Golden Perch, Macquarie Perch, Murray Cod, Saratoga, Silver Perch and Trout Cod.

African Animals - a collection of zebra, eland antelope, rhinoceros, lion, leopard, giraffe, elephant, fennec fox and hippopotamus.

Bee Lifecycle - a collection of egg, larva, pupa, honey bee, queen, drone, worker, honey comb and bee hive.

Garden Bugs - a collection of bugs you will find in your garden. They include a blue butterfly, lady beetle, fly, grasshopper, honeybee, praying mantis, orb spider, caterpillar and cicada.

Sealife a collection of sea creatures. They include a weedy sea dragon, mud crab, jelly fish, parrot fish, humpback whale, grey nurse shark, bottle nose dolphin, sea slug, sea snake, blue spotted stingray.

Take Flight – a collection of birds.  Inspired by Tracey from KU Highfields.  They include a corella, rainbow lorikeet, black cockatoo, rosella, galah, pelican, kookaburra, magpie and cockatoo.

Furry - a collection of furry animals from land, sky and sea. They include a brushtail possum, koala, quokka, quoll, bat, wombat, fur seal, kangaroo and echidna.

Transport - a collection of transport images. They include a army truck, police car, fire truck, motor bike, grader, dumptruck and forklift. 



Use if a child has an interest especially to settle. Making the area inviting, puzzle table. Use the puzzle to introduce a new topic. Use the puzzle piece to draw a particular animal that the child might like. discussing all the elements to draw him. Also perfect for learning the correct names of the objects and animals in the puzzle as well as spelling, sounding out words and letter.

Group Setting

Formal group times encourage children to discuss each puzzle part use open ended questions and foster children's learning and understandings. Use to introduce new topics in groups. Further extend on children's interest by getting them to research each animal or object on the puzzle to see if they can come up with a fact.


Learning Opportunities

Learning through play, identify and match colours and shapes, sort and problem solve, sequence, use their memories, concentrate and encourages turn taking skills. Hand eye coordination. An understanding of the world around them. Promotes research and discovery, socials skills through completing puzzles with peers.

These puzzles come in their own linen drawstring bag.

Made using 3mm plywood, this is an all Australian Made and Owned product.

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